Truck Services


Whether it is an alignment, wheel reconditioning, DOC and DPF cleaning or other service, Conlan Tire is committed to keeping your fleet running and looking like new.

We produce the finest quality refurbished wheels. To start our process, we incinerate every wheel to remove all paint, rust and contamination. We then blast the wheel to remove all particles. Every wheel gets a coat of primer and can be painted any color. We take great pride in ensuring our wheels look new.

Our tractor guards are fabricated to help our customers protect their investment in their fleet. These guards fit in the tractor's tow hooks and tilt forward to allow for service without being removed.

We guarantee a seven-day turnaround on DOC and DPF cleaning. We can pick up your filters and casings and return them to you at the same time at a fraction of the cost.

Each filter is properly inspected, and we will return any filter that fails inspection free of charge.